Meet the Team

Bad Pony Media Productions boats a team of multi-award winning media professionals, with an eclectic background in film, television, business management, creative industry, marketing, PR and communications.

See below to find out more about our senior team, freelancers and crew.

Maureen Somerville – Producer/1st Assistant Director


Maureen has worked with the team since its formation in 2008  as ‘Bad Pony Productions’ as a key decision maker and director – making her debut as first assistant director for the BAFTA celebrated BBC Scotland aired “Looking After Mum” – where she also appears on-screen, a dual role which earned her nomination for “Freelancer of the Year” in the category of “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty”.

Maureen’s favourite film is ‘Dirty Dancing, and her favourite TV show is ‘Yes, Prime Minister’. 

Michelle Martin – CEO/Writer/Producer and Head Of Creative Content

Michelle is an award-winning producer, writer/producer and executive producer, co-founding Bad Pony Media in 2008 with school-friend Frank McGowan.

A published author, her powerful gothic horror ‘EVIL DOES’ is out now – the sequel to ‘EVIL IS’. She is frontwoman for Scottish rock band ‘Eric and the Bunny Boilers’, and showrunner/series creator for ‘Ninety Eight Percent’, currently being developed for Netflix.

Michelle’s favourite film is ‘Green Mile’, and her favourite TV show is ‘Orange is the New Black’. 

Frank McGowan – CEO/Producer and Executive Producer

2016-03-23-00-54-22.jpgFrank is a multi-award winning BAFTA celebrated film-maker, producer/director, editor and entrepreneur.

As well as his work behind the camera, he is an accomplished film and TV historian, drummer and writer/director of new Scottish horror feature film ‘Evening of the Dead’.  An advocate for LGBT talent, he contributes regularly to television, radio and the press for more focus on support for the Scottish creative sector and equality for LGBT visibility in the media in Scotland.

Frank’s favourite film is ‘Ghostbusters II’, and his favourite TV show is late 80’s revival sitcom ‘The Munsters Today’.

Cheryl Howarth – Camera Operator, Sound Engineer, Composer, Music Producer


Cheryl is an experienced camera operator, sound engineer, music producer and composer, who has worked with Bad Pony Media since 2008.

With a passion for horror and drama, her work behind the scenes at Bad Pony Media has seen both short film and TV projects nominated for a number of prestigious awards.

Cheryl’s favourite film is ‘Halloween’, and her favourite TV show is ‘American Horror Story’.

Marc Harvey – Production Assistant / Assistant to the Producers


Mark is the youngest member of the Bad Pony Media team, with a passion and drive that sees him excel behind the scenes.

Originally joining the team for work experience back in 2013, Mark stayed on with the executive team as a freelancer to help shape the future of new projects – and joins senior producers for projects and productions in 2018.

An accomplished film-maker, writer and all-round creative, Mark is one to watch for…

Marc’s favourite film is ‘Taxi Driver’, and his favourite TV show is ‘Top Gear’.

Alex McPhail – Photographer/Sound Operator/Assistant Editor


Alex has been part of the Bad Pony Media team since 2008, working behind the scenes in all manner of creative roles – eventually finding his feet as a photographer, sound operator and as assistant editor.

Alex also appears in front of the camera in new series drama ‘Ninety Eight Percent’ as “Pete”. His other film and TV credits include ’10:48′, ‘Ava’ and comedy ‘Idiot’s Guide to Becoming a Film Maker’ produced for BBC Three.

Alex’s favourite film is ‘The Never Ending Story’, and his favourite TV show is ‘Orphan Black’.

Geo Wright – Director of Photography/Associate Producer


Geo is a seasoned media professional, with a background in photo-journalism, crime research and writing, photography and development of factual and documentary projects for television.

Originally a freelancer, he joins the Bad Pony Media team for a number of projects in 2018 making decisions on content, style, tone and audience.

Geo’s favourite film is ‘Alien’, and his favourite TV show is ‘The Invaders’.

Megan Hailstones – Producer and Production Coordinator


Megan is one of the Bad Pony Media team’s core energies – with a style and verve that guides projects across multi-genres – her favourites being drama and comedy, where she excels as a performer, trainer and acting coach. As well as an academic background, she is an accomplished director, producer and creative with her own independent projects, including writing, development and workshops centred around confidence, team-building and ability.

Megan’s favourite film is ‘The Butterfly Effect’ and her favourite TV show is ‘Dexter’.

David Conner – Associate Producer/Communications Manager


David is a graduate of Media, Communications, Popular Culture and Film, and an accomplished producer, writer, development producer and communications manager, having worked in both Scotland and Canada.

His favourite genre is factual, and he joins the Bad Pony Media team for projects in 2018 after working as a freelancer on music video projects for ‘Eric and the Bunny Boilers’.

His favourite film is ‘Highlander’, and his favourite TV show is ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’.


Gemma Miller – Producer/Assistant Director/Director

One of the newest members of the team, Gemma is a phenomenal talent, working with Bad Pony Media Productions on new projects for Netflix and BBC Scotland. Her passion is documentary and factual, but she has experience in children’s television, music video, development and multiplatform entertainment.



Maddy Matecuic – Production Manager/Production Coordinator

When it comes to keeping order on a set, Maddy is the girl who keeps things running smoothly. Maddy is new to the team and is passionate about documentary and breaking boundaries with film – using dark subject tone and abstract realism to envelop, inspire and engage.