New TOPHATS project completed – set for 2019 festival release:


Producers from BAD PONY MEDIA have announced that filming on new horror TOPHATS has completed, with the project set for international film festival release Halloween 2019.

Starring NATHAN DELAMAR and REBECCA McWILLIAMS as loving parents struggling to deal with the troubling visions of their terminally ill son. Director of Photography JOHN McEACHRAN joins production designer RON GREEN on bringing the production to life, directed by FRANK McGOWAN, based on the script by MICHELLE MARTIN.

Newcomer McWilliams, who has a starring role in the upcoming Netflix drama OUTLAW KING, as well as Bad Pony Media’s very own NINETY EIGHT PERCENT series, says: “Working with Bad Pony Media on this project was so much fun. There were points the creature effects were genuinely scary. I can’t wait to see how audiences react.”

Find out more about TOPHATS on IMDB, and join Bad Pony Media producers on Instagram for exclusive behind the scenes photos.

*Pictured above – Director of Photography John with Director Frank.


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